When me and my dad first found out about lymphatic massage, it wasn’t through a doctor or nurses or anything like that. I did the research myself and was extremely skeptical. But my father had liver, bowel and lung cancer, and since he was on Dexmethesone his feet went from a size 14 to a size 18, his legs were like tree trunks and at one point leaking fluid from his shins.
Yvette explained lymphatic drainage to me on the phone, also including that she could come to my
house to massage my dad being that his mobility was getting pretty bad.

Her being able to come to my house was an immediate moment of happiness for my dad, as we had tried and researched everything to reduce the swelling (even sticking needles in him to drain the fluid, which could take days and had a 10% chance of getting infected).
Yvette came over and set dad up on her table and spoke through with dad who she had learnt from, and how a lot of people don’t really know about lymphatic drainage. Again my dad being my dad was really on the fence that this "massage" would help, but we had nothing to lose and Yvette seemed to highly recommend it.

She wrapped up my dad’s legs in bandages which makes them "look like a giraffe" at the end hahaha.
Massaged my dad through his collar bones and under his armpits, explaining that he would "feel a dripping sensation and would really need to pee a lot after". She did this for about an hour then unwrapped my dad’s legs and lightly brushed his legs over. This is when my dad said he felt it being "drained" the most.

After the massage he was a little dizzy after sitting up, but then once he was up he shocked both me and Yvette by walking round the house, even left the house and started going up and down the street. From that first massage my dad had fully ruled that from now on once a week he’d be getting a lymphatic drainage massage.

The results were crazy impressive. The swelling was gradually coming down and his mobility was being well maintained. He couldn’t thank Yvette enough and spoke extremely highly of her and lymphatic drainage.

I fully understand that these results may not be the same and as amazing for everyone, but for my
father it was a pivoting point and life changing for him and his battle with cancer.
On a more personal note, we can’t thank Yvette enough for coming out to our house and making the whole process really easy and fun, and not scary or feeling like she’s over-selling anything. Yvette was like a breath of fresh air once a week for my dad. Again I really hope this has helped change people’s opinions on lymphatic drainage massage, I hope more people try this for drainage.




I originally came to Yvette after suffering workplace injuries to my back. Over time this had degenerated
to a point where everyday life was becoming barely manageable and the pain was every day.

In the time before seeing her I’d tried everything recommended to me: my GP, physios, painkillers and

In the years since then her warmth, sense of humour, empathy for her clients, expertise and ability to
relay complex information in easy to understand terms have basically given me my life back.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

-Keinyo W; BJJ brown belt



I have worked with Yvette on a regular basis since 2015 as part of my preparation for regional, national
and powerlifting competitions up to the world championship level.

During this time, her massage skills have resolved niggles, restored mobility and aided in my recovery
from heavy training sessions.

Whenever I have come to Yvette with a problem, she has suggested immediate remedies through
massage, and ongoing preventative work between massage sessions.

My confidence in Yvette’s abilities is reflected by my ongoing recommendation of her services to friends
when looking for a massage therapist, and their satisfaction following their appointment. Whether you
are competing in a sport at a high level or just want to improve your everyday quality of life, Yvette can
assist in reaching your goals.



-Jamie K;
Powerlifting 7x National Champion, NZ/Oceania/Commonwealth/World record holder, 2nd
place 83kg Junior 2016 World’s